Life Transition

Are You Feeling Overwhelmed, Uncertain And Afraid About What’s Next?

Are you struggling to navigate changes brought on by a divorce, empty nest, loss of a loved one, career shift, difficult break up, a sudden relocation, new baby, financial issues, declining health or mobility or another significant life transition? Do you feel a level of grief or sadness as you wonder how and where you fit into the world now? Perhaps you’re grieving the loss of the life you had or the life you wanted, especially if you had to give up a goal or dream. Or maybe you’re going through what is usually considered a happy transition, such as a new baby or a promotion, but it’s not what you thought it would be, and you feel guilty, ashamed of or confused by how much you’re struggling.

It might be that you were totally blindsided by an abrupt change and feel overwhelmed with uncertainty and fear. Does your life feel upside-down and unstable, especially if you feel ill prepared to make important decisions and/or to resolve feelings of guilt or grief? Do you wish you could learn from what has happened and feel confident, capable and hopeful about what comes next?

Almost Everyone Struggles To Navigate Transitions

If you’re having a hard time coping with a major, sudden or undesired life change, you are far from alone. With the exception of birth and death, change is the only thing that is certain in this life, although most people resist both big and small changes. And, while we become accustomed to navigating and accepting small, yet constant, changes on a day-to-day basis, significant transitions and/or multiple, simultaneous changes can shake us up and fill us with feelings of sadness, uncertainty, fear, grief, guilt and confusion.

We also live in communities and engage in multiple relationships. People, families, work environments and communities are constantly evolving. Situations change, and the people in our lives make decisions that affect us and vice versa. This interconnected dynamic cycle goes on and on, sometimes facilitating positive and desired change, and, other times, leaving us feeling overwhelmed, unsupported and/or unprepared to navigate a new internal and/or external landscape.

While change can be extremely uncomfortable and difficult to adjust to, the process of accepting change and learning from it is often necessary. Resisting a change does not make it go away, and true healing, growth and discovery are often achieved through experiences that push us to a new level of awareness. Much like a caterpillar’s metamorphosis into a butterfly, change—even, and maybe especially, painful change—can yield extraordinary results. Once you stop resisting, you can move through transition with a new perspective and greater ease. And, with the added support and guidance of a skilled therapist and life coach, you can reframe how you perceive your situation, shift from a place of despair into one of hope and learn how to convert an uncomfortable transition into a beautiful transformation.

Life Transitions Counseling Can Provide You With Insight, Support And A New Path Forward

Whether you’re in the midst of a transition that has led to grief, trauma, anxiety or depression, or if you understand your situation and yourself well, but need the extra support and guidance of a life coach, I can help. In the safe space of my office, we can identify your needs and therapy or coaching goals and devise a plan that best supports your emotional, mental and physical wellbeing. Together, we can identify the pressing issues, underlying feelings and uncertainties that are causing you stress and/or distress and figure out what you need to move confidently in a new direction.

In life transition counseling sessions, we’ll work from the inside out. Change is often accompanied by feelings of loss, and I can take you through the grieving process so you can make sense of and accept what happened and move into a space of forgiveness and compassion. Throughout this process, I can also provide you with skills and insights that can help you manage the feelings of situational depression or anxiety that often arise when we are confronted with significant change. Together, we can identify, challenge and reframe the stories that you may have created about yourself and/or your situation so you can get unstuck and view the future in a new light.

We’ll work collaboratively to develop clarity about your current situation, figure out the direction you want to move toward and create empowering goals. I can help you explore new possibilities and opportunities that you may have overlooked, uncover the important personal and life lessons embedded in this change and define a new path forward. We’ll also evaluate your strengths and resources so you can draw from and build upon them, and devise an action plan that can help you take care of yourself and maintain positive momentum outside of sessions. You can learn to use this period of transition as an opportunity to awaken dormant strengths, change the areas of your life that have been unfulfilling and connect to your life’s purpose.

Life has changed. It will never be the same, but just like a caterpillar’s transformation into a butterfly, it can be beautiful. And, the process of therapy and/or life coaching can help you move through change with more fluidity, grace and ease. With the assistance and support of a skilled and compassionate guide, you can move into a place of acceptance, reframe ineffective patterns of thinking and behaving and foster a new, empowered perspective. It is possible to identify opportunities previously unimagined, engage in a beautiful journey of self-discovery and growth, acknowledge and celebrate your innate strengths and tap into your life’s purpose.

You still may have questions and concerns about life transition counseling…

I’m not experiencing any mental health issues; I just feel uncertain about what’s next. Can therapy still help?

In all honesty, many—if not most—people seek therapy not because of a mental health disorder, but rather, to help them navigate and resolve specific problems or feelings of uncertainty that surface in the midst of a life transition. And, if the idea of therapy is unsettling to you, I invite you to look at the process as transformational work. I can serve as your life coach rather than therapist and help you develop the clarity, insight, skills and plan needed to move into a new phase of your life. Through life coaching, you can become focused, empowered and confident in your own ability to make decisions and affect the positive change you want in your life.

How long does the life coaching and/or therapy process take?

The length of time spent in therapy and/or coaching is totally up to you and depends on your specific needs and goals. My role as guide is to help you identify and understand challenges, define solutions and take actionable steps toward goals. The overall idea is to help you feel empowered, supported by your strengths and resources and confident moving forward—and becoming your own personal coach. We can also work together to create meeting times that work well for you, and we can do periodic check-ins after the core of our work together is complete.

Everyone goes through unexpected and difficult periods of time. Like so many before me, I should be able to manage this on my own.

There are times when we all need an added level of support. Change can be hard, and a trained, skilled, objective guide can help you resolve difficult feelings and create a plan for what’s next. Also, seeking help is not a sign of weakness. I see having the personal awareness to seek out therapy or coaching as a sign of strength and intelligence. With thoughtful guidance and support, you can access your inner coach and move through this transition with increased confidence, direction, purpose and ease.

Move Forward With Poise, Clarity And Dignity

If you’re struggling to navigate a transition in South LA county or North and South Orange County, I invite you to call my office line at 949-342-4585 for a complimentary 15-minute consultation. I’m happy to discuss your specific situation, answer any questions you have about life transition counseling and my practice and decide how we could best work together to support your needs and goals.